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Black Wind Part 3

Madelaine brushed her short, brown hair, neatly placed the brush on the dresser then crossed the room and pulled back the covers of the bed in Mrs. Hanson's guestroom.  She laid down and, staring up at the ceiling, linked her hands behind her head.  Tears prickled her eyes as she thought about Grandmother.  She'd never seen her Grandmother cry but when she heard about the slaughter men and Black Wind, several big tears rolled down her wrinkled cheek before she took a deep breath and blinked hard.  Madelaine still felt that warm glow right in the middle of her chest from Grandmother's words to her.

"Madelaine, you're just like your momma and daddy.  Brave and good.  You've made this old woman proud."

                                                BLACK WIND (PART 2)

            Gray trunks of alder trees cast dancing shadows across the faint deer track leading up Shy Bear Mountain.  Black Wind voluntarily slowed to a fast walk as they started up another steep incline.  “Getting tired, girl?  Whoa.  Let me slide down and walk a bit.” 
            By the time they reached the place where the deer trail cut across the abandoned logging road, sweat trickled down Madelaine’s cheeks.  She stopped, wiped the moisture away and drew in a deep breath.  She turned and looked into the horse’s dark eyes. “Think you could carry me some more?” 
            Black Wind snuffled the girl’s long hair and Madelaine could almost swear she was saying, “Yes, I can.”  She knew it for a fact when she led the filly to an old stump. Black Wind sidled right up alongside the stump so she could clamber up on the horse’s bare back. 

            The trees were dragging the moon down by the time the pair reached Mrs. Hanson’s backyard up at the backend of Cougar Hollow. 

            A deep-throated growl rumbled from the darker shadows by the back porch.  Black Wind spooked, jumping sideways but Madelaine’s hand stroking her sweaty neck settled the filly. 

            “Who’s there?”  The tone left no doubt that the speaker expected an answer, and quick. 

            “It’s me, Madelaine, Mrs. Hanson.  Mrs. Tyler’s granddaughter.”  She called softly. 

            A flashlight clicked, the beam sweeping over Madelaine and Black Wind as Mrs. Hanson stepped from the cover of the porch and the pines that grew tall on one side of it.  “Madelaine Tyler! What in tarnation are you doin’ out gallivatin’ around at this hour of the night?  Your grandmother’d be worried sick if she knew.”  As Mrs. Hanson drew closer, she exclaimed,  “Why on earth are you ridin’ Black Wind?” 
                                                  BLACK WIND
         At twelve years old, Madelaine Jacobs never thought she would steal a horse.  But at the time, it seemed the only logical thing to do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Novel Adventure

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I have begun posting chapters of my novel, Good Intentions.  I will post a chapter a week and invite comments.  Anyone who comments will be listed on the Acknowledgement page and receive a FREE copy of the ebook when I publish the second edition of this book with Smashwords.   

Monday, January 7, 2013

The new year has arrived and with it my first indie-published novella, Dead Men And Cats!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Little Angel Who Couldn't Sing

Written by Betty Matney/edited by Aya Walksfar

Little Angel huddled, shivering and sobbing, in the shadow of a large bank of dirty clouds outside of Heaven’s Gate.  Gusts of cold north wind tugged at his mud-spattered robe and tangled the feathers of his wings, forcing him to burrow deeper into his hiding place.  He knew he should get up and go home, but he couldn’t face his friends.   If it didn’t get any colder, he’d sneak home after dark. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012


                                                 COYOTE PUP

Coyote Pup awoke amidst a puppy pile of sisters and brothers, burrowed into Mother Coyote’s warm belly, on that terrible sunny, summer day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black Wind Part 7

                                                Black Wind Part 7

            Madelaine walked in as Billy lifted Harry onto the kitchen table.  Grandmother sat on a kitchen chair near the living room doorway.  Mrs. Hanson stood in front of the cookstove, her hand over her mouth and tears in her eyes as she watched Dr. Wiley carefully uncover the shoulder wound.  “At least it isn’t bleeding,” the veterinary said as she examined the gash.